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I'm a white western guy and had quite a long affair with an indian girl, until she had an arranged marriage. I don't regret it for 1 second, the best times of my life. Love indian culture and girls now, most people around me are typically racist against them. Not me.

I am so fed up with my life. Fed up with the fact that everyone thinks I have the best life on this planet, while I haven't slept with anyone for 8 months now, I can't find a job and because of this i have to get stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship to be able to survive, which kills my heart and soul. I could throw up on myself what a pretentious bitch i am and how deeply I do struggle.

I'm in love with a close friend of mine who's over 20 years older than me. He's been the reason that I haven't committed suicide many a time. I turn 18 soon, but I still can't tell him because I couldn't face losing his friendship.

My grandfather would beat my nanna, cheat on her and leave her for months without coming home. He never cared for his kids. The scary thing is, is that my father is his son. He doesn't care for me and my brothers, he leaves weeks on end.... and now i know the reason for my parents divorce.

I have a double life. The hardest thing is lying to the people i love.

I am meeting a married man at a hotel tommorow to sleep with him.

I hate Christianity for nearly destroying my culture's language and killing off over 400 different native american tribes. I'm going to be an AWESOME and EPIC native bitches.

I'm only nice to your cat because if I wasn't, you wouldn't have sex with me. I hate cats.

I'd rather die than having a child someday. It's much easier to take care of no life than taking care of two.

I really wish I was pretty

I wish I had an ass

I am so lonely. Since I left my religious high school I feel like I'm not close to God anymore and won't get his gifts.
Since I first started going to this school I felt so close to Judaism cause everything changed and I felt good about myself and attracted boys easily and now I finished my senior year and I feel awful about myself and no one wants me or likes me or pays me any attention.

I had many boyfriends and I felt attractive and it didn't matter what others said. I was satisfied with my life. Now I'm not, even though I work hard and make every effort I can, I still can't get to people as I used to. I don't know why people don't want to get to know me or be close to me.

I feel so alone. Guys don't like me anymore. I'm not blind.

I hate society.

You can't tell your friends that you ditched tonight because you got into a fight with your girlfriend and you cried and hated yourself and couldn't go out in public. They love you, but they'll never respect you again if they knew that's what happened.

I always watch people feet when they eat, because I know them toes going to be moving!!!! Look at you feet now

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