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I can't wait to flirt full on with my EX sister in law and test the water, now we are both fair game.
Bring it on yummy!

I fucked my girlfriends friend

I love a fricken fictional character/ the actual person. He so beautiful and has the most amazing personality ugh and all I can think about is sucking his dick

I too had a hand job when I was having haircut. very risky and embarrassing though. Happened in my teens.
In movie theater I restricted the sexual activity to kissing and squeezing the breasts and nipples of my girl friend

I have a constant craving to perform fellatio and don't know why.

once I have sex with my ex girlfriend and I ask her to say "fuck me" in order to fuck her harder, and she said it in a very sluty voice.

I will be visiting a prostitute tomorrow to eat their shit and my fiance knows nothing

I cheated on my partner.
I am so sorry

I'm a 21 year old virgin, and I'm starting to think i will never get laid.

i had sex in a movie theatre..and a hand job one other time...sssooo risky, but totally

I'm restless and anxious. I am sexually bored and frustrated. I want a lover who will intrigue me, not go through the motions. So now I'm looking online again. A silent hunter- a shameless skank. I thought marriage would be different.

My wife was more sexually experienced than me and I got turned on by hearing about her past sexual experiences.

I sleep with strange men on online sex sites

I have a huge crush on this girl who works next door. But im engaged with a son. We have been chatting a lot and soon will go out together. I cannot help that I'm kind of hoping for hooking up with her. Maybe after that I won't be so obsess with her

I wish my wife would agree to have sex with another couple and have foursome with homosex and hetrosex. I would love to see her being fucked by another man and/or a woman, but she hates sex altogather

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