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When I was younger, I had an intimate thing with my cousin's son who was one year old than me. It was very random and started off with a innocent game of Murder in the Dark. Ever since then, I had slightly strange feelings towards him. One day at his house, I gave him a massage. It was only supposed to be a back massage but then I massaged his legs then eventually his cock. I could tell from his face that he was enjoying it. It was even hotter because we were doing it quietly and in secret. He got curious and decided to rub my pussy under the blanket. From then on, everytime he saw me he would rub my pussy. We made out a few times. He sucked my tits once and I sucked his cock a few times. This lasted for two years but only occasionally. He broke me because he confused me about love and sexual stuff.

I have fucked prostitutes and lied to my partners saying I have not. I love exposing my cock to women

I have always been the one in control, whether at work, at home, or in the bedroom, but secretly I want to be tied up, beaten, pissed on, humiliated, fingered, smothered, choked and abused by a woman.

i don't want to sound pathetic.
but some people say the drugs made them feel better for a while.

yeah, i want to try it.
to espape this

I spent the entire day at work yesterday looking at porn. For that, I was paid the princely sum of $200. I am AWESOME!

I felt sorry for this very fat bitch and fucked her for her first time, now she wont leave me alone.

im so horny. all the time. for american accents. i want to fuck my californian friend so hard. i want his body his dick everything. fuck.

when she was younger my lovely girlfriend of 8 years was somewhat promiscuous. She cheated on every boyfriend she ever had. But she has never cheated on me. I really really want her to. I fantasise about her fucking other men all the time especially when im fucking her. I love the fact that so many cocks have been where mine goes. I wish i could persuade her.

my mums girl friend came over and got drunk on wine. she passed out. I started to fuck her thinking she was asleep, she woke up and said its ok, but im not on the pill.....I blew a load deep inside her pussy. it was great. I was never good with clues.

I went for a walk early this morning and saw an older woman through aa side street window, cleaning an office. I stood in front of the window and pulled out my cock and balls. She saw me and just stared as I slowly wanked and squeezed my balls. She came over near the window and watched until I came on the window. She smiled at me and I left. It was the hugest turn on.

I had sex with a young first timer prostitute, she was 19, I new she was new cause she didnt know the rules, whist fucking her I bent her over and took off the condom, fucked her, blew inside her without her knowing. it was awesome.

having money has allowed me to buy prostitutes all the time. I love being rich, cheap and nasty.

My husband cheated on me so out of revenge i seduced my sons friend.
today is my lovers and i 20 year anniversary. thank you hubby for cheating and giving me this chance

I just fucked a watermelon.

i suck my own dick at night

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