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I don't believe in God any more. Your religion turned me away from it.
I've been raped, abused and came from a broken home and now I'm bipolar.
Without my beliefs my sadness is never ending.

I love him but he doesn't love me. I tried to kill myself because he doesn't want me.

Ive had an eating disorder for 7 years and still no one knows. I dont think i will ever get over it

I hate my life. I feel tired,stressed and weak 24/7. I wish i was dead

The only guy I have ever truly loved is Kael. I wish you were different back then,we could have made it. I adored you sooo much

I like him, Alot.. And he plays on my mind because he knows he has me hook lined and sinkered.. I feel like a fool for liking him..
Yet at the same time I won't walk away in case it turns into everything I ever hoped it would..

i love you. your gf is a total betch to you and i support you through all of her crap. im there for you when you need help or are upset. we have so many inside jokes. i decipher her girl talk when you are in a fight. i am always the one to give the best advice to you and if you read into what im saying just alittle more you would see what im really saying. WHAT IS SO AWESOME ABOUT HER?

Josh. You make me feel so safe and I would trust you with my life. I'm so glad you and Kaylee are happy together, and that's all I could ever want. (For you to be happy) But my confession is that I am, head over heels, completely in love with you. And I think you would make an amazing dad one day, despite what they all say <3

i feel older than i am

I lied to my father all through highschool about who I was hanging out with and what I was doing.

I knew he would never understand smoking weed. I knew he would lose it and flip shit. So I lied. and lied and lied.

Now I'm in college and want to tell him who I really was for a good 2 years in high school. A lying prick.

I quit smoking weed 2 years ago now, but I feel so guilty for lying about it when I was.

Im sorry Dad. I missed out on all the things we could have done together, the memories you wanted to make. For what?

So I could go smoke pot and get sloshed with my stupid friends whom I fucking hate now anyways. Then come home and lie and avoid you. All you wanted to do was spend time with me. I might as well have spit in your face. Pretty much did...

God forgive me

im at a low piont i feel really sad and alone lots of stuffs been happening latyely but i feel selfish and imature for feeling sorry for myself

i know you want to have sex with me and im kinda scared of you but at the same time i want to have sex with you too and i know its not right but im not really getting that feeling/voice/conscience saying its wrong.

I'm so sorry I bullied you in high school, Matt. You didn't deserve it. Not even close.

Its only been a year since we've graduated and I feel awful. I felt awful a month later.
I was severely picked on in middle school. Everyone was a prick to me. I guess I let that go on you. I never resolved my anger from those years, the worst years of my childhood.
I've apologized to you, but I don't know if you forgive me even now.
I am truly sorry, but I can't take it back.

My father is a pedophile & it makes me feel sick to my stomach knowing this.

I was the good girl, never had sex, always dressed beautifully. About 8 months ago I came out. I'm engaged to an amazing woman, we have more fantastic sex than anyone has a right to...I am a lesbian and I am so happy with my life.

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