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The girl I'm with has a smelly vagina, low personal hygiene, low self esteem, low IQ but who would look good if she lost some weight. I don't love her like a lover should, I'm used to getting girls with a 9-10 rating, I'm a good looking guy, and am nice too. I feel like I'm doing my self a disservice and ruining my life because I'm too nice to just dump her and run..

mu borther and I took acid thursday was awesome

I want to have sex with my sister in-law.

It doesn't matter to me that you're 10 years older, married with 2 children and one on the're still the best sex I've ever had. And will have again.

I use an electric toothbrush for sexual satifaction because my husband and I naver have sex anymore.

I am 37 and really depressed. My wife is really pretty. After she had our first child , her emotions and body changed . We have spoken about it several time but she always says if you do not like the way I am the door is open. But I love my kids and I love her . One day I was speaking to my secretary about it and all of a sudden that day led to us being in a hotel room together and we have be doing it ever since . She wants me to leave my wife and children , but I can not. Sorry Jess , you are getting fired

im in love with my boyfriend, but am craving to have sex with his best friend

My mother inlaw is hot, I'm having sexual fantasies about her, I want to have sex with her!

I was only with you for the sex and because i was lonely.

In the end sex was all we had, because there was no communication.

I don't miss you i miss the sex!

In all our years together I was never faithfull When we met I slept with a guy who rocked my world all night long we did it for hours and it was good. with no regrets. I wanted to sleep with most of your friends and they wanted to sleep with me too they were going to sleep with me but we just didn't get any time alone wich was a shame but no regrets. I slept with a guy then you in the same night it felt great and I still had no regrets. I slept with one of my friends over and over and over while I was at work and you were at home sleeping and I dont regret that either. I had a threesome with a guy and a girl and I loved it and i was glad it wasn't you and I don't regret it. I don't really know if the kids are yours because I didn't use protection all the time but I don't regret it. I slept with a 21 year old with a really small you know what but I don't regret it cause he had plenty of money and he was real sweet. I showed a guy the meaning of orgasm on the beach while you looked after the kids and i don't regret that. while we did it I fantasised about girls and got off so much better than when I looked at you. I faked it. When you said you might be gay I believed you and it made me sick even when I gave it to you up the rear it made me sick but now I know I don't like Bi guys so no regrets. It was funny watching you take it like that because you looked so stupid. I slept with so many guys and girls while I was with you I can't even remember there names but I'm glad I didn't waste any time on you and still had all those experiences because look at us now I'm happier and in love with someone I won't ever need to cheat on because he treats me like a princess something you have no idea about and guess what I'm a sex addict and this one can keep up with me day and night. while you walk around in the clothes I bought driving the car I bought looking after the kids I gave birth to that may not be yours I'm going to be happy and free with No Regrets.

My ex takes it up the bum it made me so sick but I stayed with him because we had kids together I am so glad we are seperated now because I don't think I could keep using a double ended dildo with him any longer it made me feel gross.

my mates can all go and get fucked, u wanna threaten me and leave me voice messages at 3 in the morning saying im a dead man walking and talk shit about my mum id fuckin love you to say all that shit to my fuckin face cos im fuckin done. i fuckin dare u to say it to my face.

i had sex with a girl in my scool toilets....and im a girl .i used a dildo but it felt so good i dont know how i feel now

i sleep with my freinds girlfriend

Im a 21 year old virgin. Yesterday i met up with a 37 year old truck driver i had met on the internet.
In the back of his dirty truck, I sucked this old, fat, balding mans dick. It was the first time i had ever seen a dick in real life.
I really liked it, but now i feel really dirty and paranoid someone saw. It was in the day time.

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