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why can't anyone like me back for once

I really just want Justin Bieber to turn 18 already.

I just wish my ex husband had died... life would be easier!

i'm just so tired of all the pressure in my life when it comes t o finances. sometimes i just want to jump out of a building so it can all stop becuase i'm dead and no one gets money from someone dead. and then i think of my kid and all he would go through if i'm gone. this life sucks and i don't have enough money to get out of it. plus i have too many things to pay. help...

i can't seem to stick to one guy, even when i'm already on the tune with someone..

Lol...When i wash my hair, it goes all smooth and fluffy.

I am in love with my ex boyfriend, but i am married.

i luved a guy n he "luved" me 2 but the fAct that i cudnt mit him(due to some reAsons)wAs the 0nly tensi0n in 0ur relAti0nship.After Alm0st 1yr of relationship with0ut meetings he dumped me 4 sme0ne else sAying he cnt wAit Anymre.nw wen i think he wAs the guy wh0 sh0wed me All th0se dreAms n sAid wud luv me till his lst breAth,i question myself:r All guys like this??since the day he dumped me i hvnt cried yet!!its as if im living in a drm n waiting 4 it 2 b over:(

I feel like a girl I was supposed to just be friends with was the most intense and real relationship i've been in. She was more my partner than any guy I've been with and I miss her. I don't think she will ever forgive me for quitting a great night out with her to sleep with a guy. It was one of the biggest mistakes I've made and I've made some big mistakes. She's probably a successful lawyer now. I hate that I know she doesn't have facebook.

I know way too much about how to commit suicide. I wish I could put this much focus into study or fitness. It would make the wanting to die feel less important.

I am depressed, I hate everything about my life and I know that it's all my fault.

All my friends think I'm just too lazy to go out, go to school, anything, but I can't tell them I'm depressed.

I like my best friend and he is going to ask out this other chick =[


I am in love with you but I dont know how to tell you!

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