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im a girl and i want to have sex with a girl.

I got really mad that my best friends tried weed...but im kinda addicted to porn and I cant tell them..what does that say about me?

If i hadnt already masturbated, I would be right now reading all these confessions.....

I slept with my ex a couple days before I married my husband. I will forever regret it!

I paid a male escort to seduce my wife, i set and taped the excapade in our bedroom, she was a vrigin when we got married and is pretty straight when it comes to sex, has to have the light off, she did things with this escort she has never done with me, i now have 16 movies of her with diferent male escorts, i even have one of her being fucked by a transexual, best thing is she has no idea i set this up makes me horney watching

i hate that my partner doesnt care if i orgasm when we have sex. Pretty hard to do that with a 2 min wonder...It would just burn his ball to know that i masturbate and orgasm everyday with out him. I dont tell him cause he still wouldnt make the effort for me

i am being blackmailed by my girlfriends sister for sex.
it all started about four years back before i meet my girlfreind. on a night out with the lads i meet an older woman than myself, and it ended up with us sleeping together. it was not a one night stand because it ended up that we used to meet 3 / 4 times a week.this lasted for just over a year, then i had to move area due to work, i did ask her to come with me but she did not want to leave her family.last year i came back to my local area were i meet my girlfriend going out now for six months i went around her house for sunday dinner, and guess who was there. yes the older woman who i spent so many happy times together.after dinner we spoke together and agreeded not to say anything about our time together.but at christmas they had a party and me and her mom ended up in bed, and her sister came into the room and saw evrything, now she is blackmailing me for sex, i have lie and cancel dates together just to keep her quite want should i do

fuck i found pictures of my teacher stroking his dick on the internet. it was so hot. i like cum to all his pics. he had a mass lump in his pants in one of the pics. he was stroking in maccas in another. i love him so much. hes a babe

I am in love with my fuck buddy. Great, its been a year now. wtf

I love my boyfriend but I have this guy friend who I love more. Everytime my friend wants to fuck me I can't say no because it's the most intense sex ever. But I know he only sees me as a fuck buddy. I would break up with my boyfriend if this guy wanted me but I know he doesn't. I just can't resist him. Tonight we are meeting up and going to fuck in the park. I feel guilty but I can't help it he is my fantasy, all I can think about. But I still love my boyfriend.

I want to make love to my pig

my fantasy!

to get off i think of my bf's bro, walking in on me in the shower, telling me to get out and lean over the sink at his parents place. he fucks me fast and hard from behind. quickly so that no one catches us. just as hes about to come he makes me turn around and get to my knees so he can come on my face and tits. gets me off every time xxoo

Sorry about your girlfriend mate, hard to find someone that good in the sack again

we were so poor i prostituted myself for money to get thru school,pay catholic school fees, my father had a low paying job in radio and football. That's why I hate catholics, they helped these asian boat people, but we had nothing, no tv and couldn't even afford clothes, hair-cuts or sanitry napkins, underwear etc. I had no friends and was sexually abused by several of my uncles but I got paid for it. god forgive me.

I have a vagina

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