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i want to give a man oral sex. just for the hell of it. dont think im gay tho

Any chance I get I like to walk around naked. I fantasise about some guys catching me. When caught i have to do whatever they want. Perform oral on them and basically let them have their way with me.

I am a guy though but I crave hard cock

Never done before though

I nearly killed a 53 year old man with a hammer because he raped me a year ago when i was 15 and nobody knows apart from my bestfriend. I wish i had never left home that day and met that sicko.

I can't tell anyone, my friends don't understand and nor do my family but i love anal sex.
I'm a true fan of it and i hope one day to find someone that finds this sexy and won't call me a freak or weird. I'm a girl by the way.

I love and am so attracted to married women! I have had sex with a few of them and have to say I love it! There are never any strings attached and most of them love the attention I give them! I know its wrong but I cant help it!

i watch bisexual porn (mmf) and often think about doing it with my girlfriend.

I am a 75 year old male and I look forward to masturbating daily.
It is my only form of relief as my wife of 54 years only believes in penetrative sex and I cannot get or keep an erection without masturbating.

I like to have 3 or 4 drinks and then pick up an Asian whore. Depending on the circumstances I typically go for full service or for a blow job. I have had two at a time every once in a while. Have had more than one during a night by bar hopping and finding another babe. Will also stop for quicky massages at a couple places near my office during the week. Basically I like women who are less hung up than my wife. We just have different sex drives. I have to say that all of the "empty" sex is damn entertaining and beats staying horny. Just do not want to be caught! This would be expensive and humiliating.


I have been sexually involved with my sister's 17-year-old son for two years now.
I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him.
I am also seriously considering having a baby with him.

i think i kinda love you, but i want to fuck other guys so fucking badly.
im a slut, i know
but i dont know why i do it, maybe its an ego thing/
i fake it with you, your a lovely guy but im sorry. x

50 year old married professor having an affair with a 22 year old student who has an out-of-town boyfriend. (She isn't my student.) She has the most rocking hot body, and loves to fuck. It's a dream, I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars.

i am married and love my wife but i crossdress and when i do i only want to be with a man.
i had a chance to dress one weekend and went to a club in london. it was a great moment in my wife especially the attention i was getting from men. I ened up dancing and kissing guys and got carried away that i went back to a mans home and made out with him all night . i was and felt like a woman i wanted to be . we made love several times and i dont regret a thing apart from cheating.

When I was younger my cousins and I always had sleepovers. Since we're both girls we slept in the same bed. One night I woke up with her hand down on my panties, starting to stroke me. I pretended to be asleep as she slowly put her hand under the elastic of my panties onto my crotch. She fingered me, and I started to moan she stuck her fingers inside of me until I orgasmed. We never spoke about it again but it still gets me really excited remembering it, and I wish we can do it again.

I love you but I have fucked 3 other guys in the 2 1/2 years we have been together.

They were all bad roots.

I love you though.

I'm a guy, and when my best (male) friend was drunk I rode him. He doesn't remember.

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