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I need you to help me please...please just look at me the way you used to...I am still the girl you feel in love with.
I would do anything for you how can you just watch me sink this deep?

me and my bestfriend think this guys hot and and she likes him ' what she doesn't know that i like him aswell ;/ ... i wanna tell her but i'm afraid what she'll reply back .

I hate my life, I think that I could be so lucky and wake up from this coma and start living.

I hate myself for being so bad but can't help it:(

i ate the last sausuage at the bbq

I'm engaged. and can't tell anyone.
we're still underage but i'm glad he asked me. i've never been happier. i just wish i could share my happiness with my friends and family

I pee'd my pants in class and played it off like I spilled my drink

i still think of my X even though im in a happy relationship

i loveee todd <3

I know deep down inside, I'm still in love with you, and part of me is still waiting for us to be together again. How can I move on when I feel like this? I sometimes wished the ground would open up and swallow me.

I still think about you, almost everyday. Are you the same? Why are we suffering like this?

Other people see a fragility in me that I don't feel....I'm starting to think maybe I'm wrong and they're right...its the only time I feel fragile.

I lost my baby last november, i cry nearly every day. I wish so bad i could turn back time. I would do anything to change what happened.

You don't even care about me or what i am going through and its your fault.


I get jealous when someone other than me hangs out with my best friend.

I want to date my ex-bestfriends ex-girlfriend, EBH.

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