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I've been a hooker for a year and a half, since i was 18. I'm giving up the game but i doubt my ability to let go. I adore the sex and I adore the drugs, I"m a junkie, and alco and a nymphomaniac, and im going back to the two bit town i came from....near my parents, away from my two full time lovers, and the friends who occupy this underside of society. I"m just not sure i can let all this go, this chapter of my life has shaped me so much, I"m just not sure i can break the mould, I can't go without, i hate to think of how mnay lives im going to wreck by going back, ladies hold on to your husbands and maybe your teenage sons.....not that its ever worked before. I'm sorry

The man I'm in love with uses me for sex because he has a girlfriend in a wheel chair. i know i deserve better but he makes me feel so amazingly good and so amazingly bad at the same time. i want him so badly but he is in love with someone else. so im leaving, i hope he misses me, or better yet asks me to stay and leaves her but he wont and this breaks my heart, both because i'm losing him and because im a selfish bitch for wanting him to leave her, hurt her when she is a good positive person

When i was 17 i met up with a 48 year old man and we pretended to be father and daughter. we had rough dirty incestuous sex in the back of his van, he filled me with his cum and i went home with it inside me. one of the hottest things i've ever done. I still let strangers cum inside me because i want to fall pregnant, not because i want a baby but beacause its fucking hot, i still get tested for STDs and haven't had one yet, I'm as careful as i can be but i'm still playing with fire

I want to watch while some other guy has sex with my girlfriend. I know she would be in it but I'm not sure how I would feel afterwards.

I have a boyfriend, and I love him with all my heart. But I'm scared the only reason I stay is because I stole his virginity. I raped him (Technically, it was consensual, but I know he didn't want it.) I never got over it. Sometimes I'm so angry I did it. But sometimes I'm glad, because I know he won't leave now that I have it.

My ex used to sexual assault me at night, when I was asleep.
How I found out?
I would wake up with cum in me.

i (guy) want to fuck my friend Toni (girl) so bad. ive even found porn that looks like her (its not) but it gets me off even more.
shes so hot.

ive been hooking up with girls off the net.
none of my friends know im doing this.
ive had some amazing sex but none i would have as a girlfriend. im to picky.

i want to sleep with all my mates wifes and gf's. damn my circle of friends all having hot Mrs

im afraid l'll never find someone to love with all this meaningless internet sex ive been having....

I am a bisexual with a fucker of a past. My dad's a bastard and I wouldn't hesitate to castrate him if I had the chance. My best friend is a fag and I'm beginning to think that for me bisexual is spelled DYKE.

I'm in love with someone I haven't seen in years, but I can't get over her.

sticking your dick in a power plug isnt the answer

I fingered one of my female friends in a crowded spa. my girlfriend and my friends boyfriend were in the spa at the time, along with a couple of my other friends. how very naughty of me.

me and my boyfriend fucked at the primary school we used to go to. It was so hot

my GF is away... i miss her! but i want to fuck her girlfriend she is so hot, sexually active and funny. it gets me hard just thinking about her.... but i can't! i push these thoughts away i have to stay faithful to the one i love...

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