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I met a guy for the first time last night and I know he is the one

Everyone thinks I have it all, i really don't!

I like a guy, I can't do relationships, I'm fucked, HE THINKS I LIKE HIM. What the fuck do I do. I'm meeting up with him soon. Oh god, please god, help me.

I hate my school and major, god help me.I want to quit but afraid of my parents reactions

I still think of you as my boyfriend...

I think I might want to be with one of my female best friends. I'm a girl. Not sex or anything, as in romantically. We kissed, and I want more.

I can't stand other people and their silly little thoughts they're trying to convey. Most of the time I just want to go all psycho stabby on their blabby ass. Face.

um 13 and ive kissed dudes but it diddent feel right on my 13 bday we played truth or dare i picked dare and had to kiss this girl i had a HUGE crush on we had to kiss for 5 seconds with toung so we did and then it hit five seconds and we cept gowing and my frind were soooo shocked they havent told anybody yay and my and this girl are now gowing out. is this wrong

Every time i leave the house i look for ways to kill my self just so i dont have to go back to the addict i live with

I have never asked you out because I'm scared you'll laugh & tell everyone & then they'll laugh.
But now, because of it, I feel ashamed that I'm 17 and never kissed a boy.

I move in with my boyfriend of 4 years on saturday and I don't want to. I am scared. I keep having dreams of another man. I love my boyfriend but i don't want to do this and I don't want to be single either. I don't know what to do

I have loved you since I was 16. You were the first boy I met that cared, was fun and didn't treat me like dirt. I dream of you sexually every night even though i have a boyfriend. So many times I have tried to confess it but I am gutless. I will always love you and your cute smile and the way I feel when I hug you. Your scent makes me feel so alive. I wish I could just admit this to you

This time in 2009 I was pregnant. I got rid of my baby. I miss you so goddamn much everyday, if I could take it back I would. I know now I could have done it, I could have loved you enough. I'm sorry.

i love someone else

I am 17 and i really want to have a baby

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