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i hate my brothers good friend hes such a dickhead but i really want him to fuck me and hold my body and touch me everywhere .. if only he knew how i felt

i get myself off over my boss every night, I cant help it, I know he has a massive cock. i know if i offered it to him he would not reject me but i'm affraid of something I just dont know what

okay... i enjoy flriting with other guys while my man stands right next to me not knowing, i have fantasies about having quickies in the toilet with these people i flirt with, which is actually possible. i start crap becuase i crave drama. i hate my bestfriend, her boyfriend cheated on her twice and im not going to tell her. im bulimic, depressed and tried to kill myself twice. I also enjoy shitting i think i orgasm from it?

i had a bang buddy, he was my bestfriend. I introduced him to one of my friends when we were having a flig, they dated behing my back, banged then broke up and we banged, he used me until they got back together by banging me and also my then bestfriend. yay?

I had a cone before work on saturday then came home and had another before starting . Got stuck into work , finished early and booked a prostitute for an hour . All in double time .Went back to work , knocked off.
Went out to dinner that night with family and friends

im so confused,my husband doesnt show any interest in me and doesnt want to have sex with me?and i love sex.he tells me he loves me (what should i think)

recently i tried to re-connect with 1 2 3... 3 ex boyfriends... two ignored me, the other wanked off with me and then called ME gay and wont speak to me, all in the space of a weekend...

Worst 48 hours of my life

that coupled with the fact that the guy ive liked for the past 5 years and i finnaly hooked up and now he doesnt turn me on anymore...

i think im going to end up a fag ugly old gay man

i'm a 22 yr old virgin, i almost lost it in a toilet with a work friend, i regret not doing it. because now no one else i know wants to have sex with me. and i'm so sick of the conflicting everyone but me is doingit and being laughted at for being a virgin and then being told to save my self for sum1 special

I masterbate about five or six times a day.
i'm old enough to be the girls i think about and look at's father.

I like to watch women masturbate

I'd love for my wife to have sex with other men then tell me all the dirty details while feeding me her cream pie. Unfortunately I can't even discuss this with my wife as she's too straight. Can anyone help make this fantasy come true?

im 26, female and totally addicted to porn :) my husband has no idea

i fucked my boss because i saw how big his old cock was. My 16yo mouth loves hard dick. I onced sucked this hot guy off who was only 5 inches (poor guy) but i loved how he screamed my name when i sucked him dry with my finger up his arse.
best fuck i have had.

I cheated on my ex a lot. No one else knows with how many guys. I dont know how many but know its more than 10

I love sex. I want to be paid for sex. If i mean a guy who is really nice but has a small penis i cant talk to him again

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