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I wish my wife would agree to have sex with another couple and have foursome with homosex and hetrosex. I would love to see her being fucked by another man and/or a woman, but she hates sex altogather

i fapped

I masturbated to my teacher

I've been with my boyfriend about two years. We kiss and fool around but I get the best sex ever with his dad and we are at it very chance we get .. I'm 17 his dads in his 40s ..

i love ladyboys with small penises hot hot hot

While on holiday in budapest i went to a peep show and the girl offered to get me off. I paid her so i could grope her, finger her pussy and the fuck her mouth. I came twice

I stray from my soon to be girlfriend, when I can't understand her ways, I dip into the fruits of life. Sure she's an alcoholic, and it's bad, but I will be bad. I will be a bad mother fucker and throw everything I got at my competition. Lord forgive my recklessness, amen

I spent the night with my son in law and ended up doing all the things I used to do as a teenager. I felt so alive and sexy and I filmed the whole thing such a rush!

I am white and had my first experience with a black woman a week ago. She is 42 years old, single, and quite attractive. She baby sat for us and I took her home. She invited me in for coffee and I accepted. Big mistake. We ended up in bed. I feel like sh*t cheating on my wife, but I have to admit it was quite exciting. Come to find out I was her first experience with a white man. Too late for regrets. now.

I watch porn
and im a Muslim and we aret allowed

My nasty girlfriend is beautiful college girl with a smooth skin, but she always force me to sniff and lick her armpits..... and insert my tongue very deep into her pussy&&. but she becomes crazy and holds my head with her thighs so tightly that I start to choke many times.

I pretend to be straight and have a huge crash on my roommate. When he's drunk we sometimes cuddle on the couch. Once I started feeling him up but stopped when I realized he was asleep.

I slept with my good friend's sister.. She has been married for 15 years with three kids.. It was a one night stand and it meant nothing.. It has ruined her marriage and everyone knows about it now..

I've cheated on every girlfriend i've ever had.. I'm 35 and I've slept with at least 500 women, I'm always sleeping with someone, i'm currently sleeping with my neighbour.. I think I may have a sex addiction problem.. I feel depressed and sex is the only thing that seems to make me happy.. I've never told anyone this..

I wanked off and came in Sarahs Panties

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