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I wish I was a woman. I want to suck cock.

I have had sex with 5 women in three days and that does not include my wife! I can't get enough, its all I ever think about! I masturbate at least 4 times a week and fantasise about doing it with a yummy lady at work who is divorced. she has great breasts and a great cameltoe when she wears these real tight slacks to work. I don't know how to approach her. It drives me mad. When I have just cum, I feel great but within a an hour I just want to do it again. Am I screwed up or just highly sexed?
I would love to find a lday who would play for 24hrs straight...

I have been married for 34 years, I have never been able to get enough sex. I was exposed to sex when I was 10 by a 15 year ol girl. She used to get me hard then rub her gentials over my penis then put it in herself until she came. I did not know what that meant, except she was happy and told me it was our secret. When I was thirteen I came for the first time and realised what I liked. My wife was a virgin, and from a religious background, she only likes it occassionaly ans one way. I have had sex with hundresd of women since we married and hookers as well. I can't get satisfied. I wished that young girl had not fucked my life up!!

my uncle sexually abused me when i was six..and i can't tell my parents...i hate him and hopes he dies a terrible death and i would be happy when he dies!!

not last summer but the summer before while my ex girlfriend and I were broken up a friend of mine got a blowjob from her and he came in her mouth but being hes a self serving egotist he denies it but truth comes out his baby mom and i recently had sex while me and this ex were back together and he would never think i could do it......i am so petty and full of the potential not to be such a child yet here i am writing this and laughing at how revenge is so sweet yay me!!

My ex-wife confessed that she had gotten pregnant by another man while we were still married. I would never have known it if she hadn't told me. Her lover talked her into aborting the pregnancy.

I'm married but can't help having sex with other women too, I love doing the things I can't at home, yet my wife is my constant, damm I hate myself after the sex with other women, but then can't wait to do it again....

I took nude pictures of my wife in a variety of sexual positions and acts and shared them with my best friend without her knowledge. He went ape over them and wants to look at them every chance he gets. He is seriously attracted to her but he is married.

My best friend and I like to watch my wife getting dressed. She doesn't know we are standing outside her bedroom window in the dark watching her through the blinds. She looks great and he gets a little crazy watching her. I think it is cool that we are sharing her; at least visually. She is so pretty, I love to see her in the nude.

I love to watch my wife dance with other men. It makes me feel excited when they hold her tight or ground their pelvis against her. I like to watch them cup her nice rear with their hungry eager hands. Sometimes she lets them kiss her. Sometimes the more adventerous among them will slip their hands under her dress and touch her. But what I love most is that they are just getting her warmed up for me.

My wife slipped in the bed; during the wee hours having been out all night. She refused my overtures for sex. Frusstrated I got up. Later I went to our bathroom. I found the clothes she had been wearing that evening in the hamper. I found the panties she wore. The gussets were coated with slim. It smelled like semen. It made me feel like crap.

I'm cheating on my husband with my married ex and I don't even feel guilty about it, I just feel edgy because I miss him. My husband is the most wonderful man I could ever ask for and yet I'm never satisfied with just him. I know that I'm doing the wrong thing and I should stop, but I just don't want to.

My ex came back into my life a year ago and I've been sleeping with him for 3 months. When I sleep with my husband I pretend it's him. I have no intention of breaking it off with my ex.

I've been partying hard lately - and last week I smoked ice for the first time, and this was my wake-up call. Then I realised I have two options: continue down that path and ruin my life, family, relationships, health and so forth, or take a step towards being fit and healthy and live an amazing life. I'm choosing the latter and will finally make that call to the Personal Trainer/Nutritionist I've had my eye on for a while and sever all ties with the people I knew and quit partying. I don't want to end up messed up and an addict, I want happiness, health and love. I'm proud of my choice.

I recently found modelling photos of myself when I was 16. I was slender, with clear, porcelain skin, an innocent face, long brown hair - I was the epitomy of the young girl next door. I had never drunk, never had sex nor taken drugs. I'm now almost 31 and when I found them I cried. I looked in the mirror and realised I was the opposite. My skin was ruddy, my hair shorter and blonde with roots, awful fake tan, my body tired and chubby, and I'd done all those three things and ended up in the adult industry. So I dyed my hair back to brunette, washed off the fake tan, stopped partying and made a choice to get fit, and quit the adult industry. I'm going to become that little girl again because she needs me, and I need her. I want to feel innocent again. :(

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