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i looked up porn

Even though everyone sees me as a calm, cool headed, quiet kind of guy, more often than not, all I can think of is beating up, cutting open their bodies and peeling off their skin, making the last thing they feel sheer terror and pain and then dumping them in an alleyway for someone else to find covered in their own blood. all I dream about now is the violent imagery that i now have implanted in my mind.

And the funny thing is, I like it that way.

Sometimes, I don't think I'm meant to be a bisexual girl.

Sometimes, I think I'm meant to be a gay boy.

I have become addicted to porn and the crave is getting worse.

i cut my dick off :(

i love my sister to the fact i want to have intercourse with her

I slept with my ex boyfriends cousin last night...whoops!

im 12 and i have a daughter, just before you judge me, you should know, i have been sexually abused and harrassed when i was eight, i got my period early, so fell pregnant. i live with my grandparents because my mum kicked me out.

Just slept with a girl who i've been friends with for 10 years. It was amazing sex, completely unplanned and random, happening just because she was horny and i was open to it. Hope this doesn't change anything, feels ok so far!

I had sex with my best friends sister, and now she's pregnant

I had sex with my best friends sister and now she's pregnant with my kid, shes only 16 im only 16...

i said no to my stepdaughter years ago. She was 14 and i wanted her as well. I thought i did the right thing but she told everyone i did anyway. Now im guilty in the eyes of my family all because of what a 14 said. I think maybe i should of said yes.

I feel incredibly guilty after I have sex. Even when its great sex, I feel terrible sometimes. A few times during intercourse, my mind wanders and I think "Is God happy that I'm nailing this broad? I don't love her..."

I'm happily married but the sex is repetitive. Recently I've had a huge fantasy about sharing my wife with a bi guy and blowing him.

Why is it guys get horny when I cry? It's the weirdest thing. Friend, aquaintence, co-worker, boyfriend of friend, stranger... it doesn't seem to matter... they show no interest in me that way until something makes me sad, I cry and then *wham* they want me in the carpark, train-station, lounge room, bathroom... again it doesn't seem to matter. It's sick :( Heck, the only time a girl tried to make out with my was after I'd been crying!

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