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Im a slutty whore. I want to fuck every guy I see. And once I even fucked with my best freind (hes a boy) any help?

My luck is astoundingly bad. Finally met a guy who I have chemistry with and he wants to bang every other woman in the world....I think I should walk away....its only supposed to be fwb thing, but obviously I'm just not enough.

I am cheating on my husband. I fucked another man twice and he was amazing. He went all night. He fucks how I like it, without asking any questions. My husband doesn't even know I exist... He has not touched me in almost 12 months and can't understand why I want us to split up. All I think about is the other guy touching me, tasting me. I think about his body sliding against mine. His strength. His amazing mouth. I want him more and more.

We've been married for 20 years, we love each other but she's hopelessly conservative sexually - we are opposites in every way including this. I'd hoped she would come 'round after a while and I refused some great offers, but got sick of that and started having affairs; group sex , mostly - no emotional ties.

I'm stuck in a polyamorous closet..

Got ass fucked by a married man on my super conservative housemate's bed.

I've been in a relationship with the same guy for 21 months already and I had an illicit affair a year ago. I confessed it to my boyfriend and wanted to break up. But he threatened me so I chose my boyfriend over the other guy.
Then year passed and I met again the guy I had an affair with before. Every time I see him all our good memories flashback. It hurts inside me but I can't leave my boyfriend and I'm sure the other guy doesn't love me anymore :(

I want to have a threesome

I am happily married (have been for over 25 years) yet I am still unable to keen my eyes off young girls!

This happens everywhere, in the resteraunt, on the train in stores!

The victims (I see them as that) don't have to be stunners but must have a nice arse and legs and tits!

These girls are usually in their late teens or early 20's and i find myself unable to resist up-skirt and down blouse peeps

I think my ex-boyfriend regularly fucks his sister.

i had sex with my sis and got her pregnant

I had sex with my wife while her brother and sister slept in the same room

I would like to try dogging, but not sure how I would feel afterwards

i dont enjoy sex.

I don't have a problem with the gay & lesbian community. In fact, i love them.:)

Anyways,on New Years day me and this guy were macking around for the whole day and he still couldn't get it up. I mean, i have never met a 23 yr old guy who can't get it up. When there was so much foreplay. He must be Gay.

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