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I love this guy. Like, LOVE him. And he thinks that I hate him!! I don't know how he gets such silly notions into his head, but somehow, he does! What's worse, is I think about him all the time, every day. And he probably never thinks about me! He's so mice, he's really funny, and we just have do much in common. I know him, he's in my grade at school. He's also in most of my classes. We talk a lot. I am constantly liking his statuses on Facebook and pretty much stalking his profile. Everyday. All most all of my statuses are about HIM. I'm addicted to stalking his profile, and making up silly excuses to talk to him. But, I'm pretty certain he likes my best friend.

i hate being african..i wish i was white!!

i wish a i could have a best friend..someone who have all the same interests as me..possibly a guy..a gay guy!!

i wish i could be or make friends with a transgender or drag queen or gay guy..they are so interesting and i also want to be seen as a cosmopoltan person!!

I'm in love with an Australian girl

I just sent a photo of my boobs to this amazing guy. I love him.

i love you joey and i think some part of me will always.

my two best friends like each other but i cant be happy for them. im jealous.

I really like one of my best friends, but I'm too afraid to say anything

I'm afraid to love.

I like a boy but im scared to love him.

Last night I realized something. I'm a poet and I needs isn't know it.

I really like this guy, he lives in Darwin, and I live in Adelaide. He's so nice, and we get along so well. I've met him twice for camp, and he's so funny and amazing, and great to be around. We were talking on facebook and I pretended to be drunk to tell him what I think about him. He thinks its a joke, I wish he knew it wasn't.

I'm gay
Am I happy? No

he's so fine he blows my mind.. hey ricky :(

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