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I have been through so many sexual assaults I have lost count of all the times but not how many guys. 4 in total so far and I'm only 19. How many more times does it have to happen until I stop protecting them?

The only way I feel accepted by males is through sex... That's why I have a higher sex drive then a lot of the guys I meet and all I ever heard from them is no, no, no and some more no

I had sex with a black man and he had a smallest dick I have ever seen!

I am uninterested in any kind of sex except anal, I'll gladly have a BJ but only after taking her up the hinney. I'm not into men, suppose I ain't gay.

I'm a 51 year old mother. I was masturbating one night and my 24 year old daughter opened my door. I pretented not to see her. I kept on using my dildo until I reached orgasm. She stood in the doorway and watched.

I sometimes think I'd prefer to be a gay guy than a girl, because gay porn always seems so much more romantic and sexy than straight porn.

I'm 14, and my 13 year old girlfriend drinks. I hate that, and I love her to bits. I just dont know how to tell her its not good for her, since it is.. I just care about her freaking heaps.

my 17 yr old sister in law is asleep on the couch next to me in her panties, rubbing her right now. my missus is in bed up the hall and im really drunk. She is fuckin hot and has gave me signals all nite, now i dont know if she is REALLY asleep or playin cos she knows im fucking hard for her lol.

what to do...

Im getting married soon to the woman I love, the problem is, I really want to fuck her favorite cousin, who I think wants to fuck me too. I really like her but I love my missus also. Wish I could have both. Oh well.

Im a slut as im cheating on my bf and now i cant choose between the two. It eats me up inside i cant think about anything worse then leaving one of them. Im selfish, emotionally weak and dont deserve either of them because of this behaviour. I will loose both if im not careful and dont choose soon. At 25 i should know better

I want to fuck you again. Except this time I don't want it to be so easy for you to leave in the morning.

I'm bi and I touched my bro's penis whilst he was asleep and he caught me. What should I do?!! I feel weird but I was only curious

incest relation

Im 24 about to married in a month ,but i really want sex with an older man . a man in his 40s fiance is 31.

My friends daughter is a prostitute. I found where she was working and fucked her. She's 20 and hot like here mum.....I'm trying to fuck her too....Ive nearly convinced her. When i do I will let her know everything. :) I am such an asshole, but i dont care.

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