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he never raped me

I tried to rape a girl I cared most and want to see alkways happy... i gave her sadness for her whole life, i have no right to live, please give me strength to kill my self....

when i give girls massages they want to return the favor my kissing me or doing something sexual for me

I get fingered at school every day, even in the middle of class. Its soo good.

im attracted to my brother.

im a lesbian, but gay porn (two guys) or gay stories really turns me on. i dont understand.

i smoke while i masturbate

I'm 28, have a girlfriend...
But I've cheated on her twice now.
Third time lucky, now I'm meeting with this other chick.
God what is wrong with me.
I don't do it on purpose but it just happens.
Worst thing is, I think I'm falling for this one...

I just came between my wife's G-cup breasts for the first time. I love my fat wife.

Your African body is hot.. Your breasts are huge and i love the way you fill out your swimming suit... but i must admit when we were at the beach last week, and you were in the change rooms, i climbed on top of the fence that sourounded the shower block, and looked over the top of the wall... yeah u have great breasts and i saw your shaved P%^$&Y. i came in my pants, thats why i was swimming again, i was covering the evidence,,,

i m from Brunei Darussalam and i drink alcoholic drink which is a sin in my country/religion. i drink twice this week already and its feel so good to get drunk. i dont want to drink at first but my university friends keep encouriging me to drink. i hope my conservertive parents never find out coz my behavior is so unaceptable to the max. futhermore i have sex and lost my virginity with one of the guys too and feel so guilty

He walked all over me and I hate his guts. He used me for sex. I HATE him. But I still fantasise about having sex with him. I also fantasise about revenge!!

That my married causin wanted to have sex with me when I was 14 years old. One night we were all sleeping in one romm at a pick nick cabin and her husband sleeping a few feet away. In the middle of the night she rubbed her feet on my chest and woke me up. I appraoched and and entered her with my foot tows while her husband was sound asleep a few feet away. Now I can't believe what nerve I had.

i cant stop myself masturbation, though i've promised myself manny times.... but still i wanna get rid out of it.... i want to feel confident... but the fact that i cant stop masterbating makes me down...

I have decided, that if on my 27th birthday i still feel dirty, rotten and vulgar I am going to kill myself.
And, if you touch my sister, I'll take you with me long before then.

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