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i want to break up with my boyfriend, i know i need to, he treats me so badly sometimes. he was a mistake.

I hate my friends. I hate that they pretend to care, I hate that they flirt with my boyfriend. But mostly I hate myself because I hate them

i dont know how to start this, i dont know what to say or how to say it. i feel like i have so many things to confess but i dont know what to confess about? i dont do anything wrong, i never get in trouble, my life is average. i feel like i have weight on my shoulders, but i dont know what the wieght is.

I make myself throw up. And I starve myself. I wouldn't say I'm bulimic or anorexic. I don't do it to stay skinny. I do it to punish myself. I hate who I am sometimes. I just can't take those days. I don't want to cut myself because I don't want people to see the scares. But I still tell a few of my friends what I do. I feel if I tell them everything they'll do the same for me. They don't They do tell me to stop, but none of them do anything to actually help. It just makes me want to punish myself even more.

I'm so lonely. I think I might kill myself.

Me and my boyfriend are having a baby. Problem is, I'm married to someone else, and we haven't had sex in months.

I regret getting married.

Mum called when I was looking at my HSC. She asked how I did and said, "Make Mummy proud." Way to guilt trip me to oblivion in three words.

i swore id never like him

I want him, to want me back. I want him to tell me that he misses me, because deep down, I know he does.

I've messed up my life so far at every turn, screwed over almost every friend I've had unintentionally, and now I am a year out of high school and ridiculously alone. All I have are my choir friends, who I see once a week, and my best friend. I am so sick of being alone, but I hide it by being the first to laugh, and the loudest as well. If I went back to my quiet depressed self, nobody would even bother with me. Like before.

Ive wanted to kill myself for 30 years, everyday I think about it but I never do anythig about it
I just want to beleive that tomorrow things will be better,
tomorrow hasn't come ...yet

I want to leave you but I cant bring myself to do it knowing I would have to leave the children too and your such a bitch to them as well

I think im ugly i dont undersant why everyone says im hot

i want to be a good man so god give me the power.

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