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I tried to be a good Catholic boy and not have sex with the girl I dated for four years in high school.That was good for her as I then found out she was a lesbian and used me for cover.

Please ladies leave your dirty panties someplace easy to find when I come over to visit with my wife I like to smell your panties and beat off in the bathroom. I'll take them home if you have extra in the dirty laundry hamper.

my bestfriend had the hottest girlfriend, but he didnt know how to fuck her, she would always complain to me, he was the only person she's ever slept with but she knew it should be better. On the other hand my best mate allways used to rub her in my face, he knew i thought she was hot, he used to show me pictures of her naked, used to get her to wear the tinyest tops and skirts when i was around and allways tried to get her to show me her tits, while at the same time being insanely jelous of us evenn beig friends..... im sorry mate, im sorry jess (my gf) i tried to resist for almost two years, i taught her to make cocktails just so i could get her drunk. we had amazing sex all over your dads house. it was great and she was fucking hot, but i do regret it. but even so, if you wherent such a prick and told her you slept with her friend just to make her jelous she wouldnt have told you about us, i would still be your friend and you wouldnt have gone and joined the army. you dick.

I'm married 11 years with 2 great kids. Been having trouble in marriage, some of it my doing, some of it wife's. Trying to make it work. Met a great woman online. Have tons in common. She is very supportive of me working out my marriage. Trouble is, I want her! She doesn't know... but we talk about sex all the time and are very open with each other. Makes me want to drive up to her condo and have rough sex with her all night. I kinda feel guilty but not always since my wife and I hardly ever have sex :(
Also attracted to single woman I went to school with and I think she's attracted to me too. Again she & I have tons in common. She's got 3 kids.

i wanted u to text/call so i knew u still wanted me, but now that u have i wish u hadnt....i now know i just want you to fuck right offf. ur nuffin but a selfish prick who only thinks of his dick and his bong.....get a life and stay the fuck out of mine.....thank you

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and 5 months now. He was always reluctant to let me go out with my friends. Finally, for the second time since we've been together i decided i would go out. He's been so stressed abt me cheating on him, that i like to blame it on his posessivity...
I went with two friends of mine to a bar, free drinks, Pablo. Whom i hadn't met before. He has a reputation. I'm drunk. Really drunk. We talk, he kisses me, he takes me by the hand and drags me a bit further up town. He fingers me, and God, it's so good. I feel for his cock. Feeling a dick different to my boyfriends one makes me feel weird... i don't do anything to him though, i let him do the work. The worst is, i don't feel bad bt having cheated on my man, i know he's perfect for me, i just feel bad abt not feeling bad at all.

I had an infection on my penis once. I put some medicine powder on it. Then it was dark, and i asked my gf to give me a blow. It was awesome. After she gave me head she went to talk to her friends outside, and she had powder on her face. All her friends laughed

I wish I could tell someone. Everything. So here goes. I'm a lesbian. I think I might be becoming bulimic. I'm not doing so well in school. I'm considering doing the things you don't want me to do. I was stupid. I got high. I drank, to the point when I couldn't walk properly. I want to lay in bed all day with someone and not have to worry about any of the above.

i have sex dreams about gerard.

God ripped to shreds what I earned and fought for, fuck gods such a betrayer, I really hope my X gets torn apart for everything she did, I was for once one of those guys in her life that didn't do her wrong, they say they want love yet they fuck you over, go figure, fuck yall.

I have a vaginal infection that makes me smell and leak. I still let my bf go down on me.

I love her so much that even talking to her on the phone brings tears of joy to my eyes and gives me an erection, and I realize as we hang up that I've been hugging and stroking my pillow as I talk to her. She is my true love, my soul mate, my most amazing girl.

I mean to marry her, if she will have me, and half of my house and half of my business and all of my love as long as I live will be her wedding gift.

But she has and lives with someone else and calls him her partner, and although I believe that she loves him no more than she loves me, she loves his little son more than either of the two of us. And there is nothing that I can or would do about that.

So I must wait and see.

we had sex, it made me fall inlove with him all over again,

I want to go to a hot male gynecologist and have him finger me while he examines me really hard, until i cum.

i have met the hottest guy. he is muscles and brawn, macho everything, he makes me feel like a queen, then we had sex... i cried and cried,, told him i was just so happy. I LIED!!! his dick is 8 cm hard, and as thin as my middle finger, i want to run and kep sobbing but he asked me to marry him, i can't, its TO SMALL, what does that make me?

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