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I was repairing a power point in a unit at an old folks home yesterday and the old lady flashed her pants at me, then asked to see my cock. We were alone so I unzipped and pulled it out for her. I let her feel it and stroked her pussy as well. I came pretty fast.

i am seventeen and i fucked a 23 year old on friday night. it was absolutely incredible, he's the kind of guy i swore i would never go near again.
i use sex to solve my problems, ive slept with more than 20 guys, most of it was unwanted.
im texting him right now, i want him again, and again.
i have serious issues.

I slept with someone for money once

I love guys looking at me, I flash my undies all the time, the thought of them seeing me, makes me very tingly!

I love you, but I wish you'd let me have sex with other people just to know what it feels like - you've had sex with other people before you met me, why can't I know what it feels like, too?

Two years ago when I lived with my abusive ex I cheated on him with the manager from my work. My manager had a girlfriend of four years who he was also cheating on, & the entire affair lasted about eight months on & off. It ended in May 2009, & two months ago we met up again & I fucked him twice before we fell out of touch again. I have a new partner who I have been with for almost a year & that I live with. Five days ago my ex called me again, he still has a girlfriend but keeps telling me that my body drives him crazy. I've been sending him dirty picture messages & being suggestive but I don't know what's going to happen now. The worst thing is that I don't feel bad that I'm cheating on my partner, I barely even consider it. This morning on the bus I was fantasizing about going down on my ex in his bed. I got so turned on by it that I started to moan. I think he's so hot, & the sex was always incredible. All other areas of my life are so great at the moment, except for this. I always inevitably end up back here...

Just wanted to say... right now i am so wet! i can feel it dripping down to my asshole, the reason i am wet is because i have a starburst snake in my sweet pussy! it is half sticking out and i am watching porn as i write this

I confess that after reading all these confessions i have an uncontrollable urge to go lie on my my hands over my breasts....slowly rubbing my nipples then stroking down over my stomach...down down down...

I struggle everyday walking and barely cope with basic things.

I can't forgive my cousins for plotting and planning me to be raped.

what sort of people get off on that?

where's the justice to young women?

I'm dating your ex boyfriend of several.... And I actually enjoyed telling youabout it, because he loves me... and not you. You're such a fucking cunt, and I deserve to be happy. It only took 3 weeks for him to tell me he loved me. Bitch, I bet it took him months for you. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I think about how messed up you were about it, and probably still are. I'm especially happy that you still loved him a year after you guys were over.... Serves you right for trying to make me feel bad with your blah blah. So yeah.... He's mine, you fucking bitch.

I wanna have sex with rihanna-who doesnt

Every boyfriend I've had thinks i'm a "good girl". I make them wait before i sleep with them, saying sex is special to me and I don't like to rush into it until i'm sure. And then, when we do have sex, it's always passionate and sweet because thats the kind of girl they think i am. None of them have ever found out that the whole time i wasn't sleeping with them, i was fucking other random men that none of my friends know. I love to be dominated and fucked like a whore, but i could never tell someone who cares about me that. It's my secret me and I love it. My fantasy is to meet someone who loves me who will also get off watching me be fucked by one man while i suck off another. But i'm too scared to tell anyone that in case it ruins my reputation as the nice girl everyone thinks i am.

First of all i am girl and i'm 15 and i love watching porn and getting all wet and horny until i can't hold on and then i run to the bathroom and have a shower and in there i touch myself and do whatever i feel like in there, once i got a bunch on used glow sticks and put them in one at a time to see how many i could fit in and every time i get more and more in i am up to 32 now and i'm watching porn right now and getting really horny cos i am telling all these strangers my dirty secrets ;) omg i am so wet and horny now i can't hold it!

I want to lick a girls asshole and have a girl piss in my mouth.I like eating girls pussy. I drive a limo and watch girls slide out across the seat with short skirts and am waiting for some girl to not be wearing panties to see some pussy.

I jerked off in my wife's pudding because she won't give me a blow job. She ate my sperm anyway. I hope she liked it and wants more.

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